My Little Shower

House is a place, where people live permanently as a family member or individuals. Each room of a house is important and that has unique purpose. For example, the bedroom is the place where people take rest and sleeps at night. A house can have different rooms such as bedroom, living hall, balcony, kitchen, bathroom¸ study room, store room and basement. However, the bathroom is very important because, it is the place for personal hygienic activities. It should contain at least a toilet and sink. The traditional bathrooms are designed only with toilet and the users need to take shower in another lavatory. However, only few regions still have such kind of bathrooms.
Types of bathroom:

There are many types of bathrooms the people can find nowadays. However, the recently build houses are having most stylish bathrooms. These modern bathrooms are designed with attractive tiles and advanced bath ware accessories. It ensures the luxurious and comfortable bathing and toileting experience to the users. These are hygienic too and some of the latest types are listed below.

Master bathroom: Designed to provide relaxing mood and the principles of feng shui will be used in this type to provide fluidity throughout the room. The beach glass tiles will enhance the relaxing feel of the users.

Contemporary Master Bathroom: The glass tiles are highlight. It gives a Spa like feel to the users and has engineered stone to provide unique look.

Full Bathroom: Suits for a whole family and equipped with large mirrors and vanity. The users can store toiletries and the open shelves let them to keep inners and stow towels.

Efficient Full bathroom Layout: The Shower-Tub combo gives more space to the room. Both accessories are enclosed with the frameless glass panel. The mirrored cabinet ensures the additional storage space.

Three-Quarter Bathroom: It can cover the toilet, sink and shower. The customized scones and the enlarged crown molding increase the look to this type. Glass shower doors ensure more spaces to the users. You can learn more about shower types at

Three-Quarter with Marble Tile: it gives the luxurious look because of the floor-to-ceiling marbles. The frameless shower is another advantage and the room is equipped with custom-designed vanity.

Powder Room: A small room basically intended for make-up and shaving purpose. The graphic wallpaper of this room provides dimension without expanding the space.
Mediterranean-Style Powder Room: it provides the Mediterranean feel to the users and appears with vibrant colors.